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Bariatric Surgery Review


Bariatric Surgery, also called Gastric Bypass, is a surgical procedure that literally shrinks the stomach. It costs over $20,000. It is a major medical procedure that makes over-consumption of food impossible, by drastically lowering the amount of food you can eat. The long-term side-effects of having such a radical procedure done to your body are not clear at this time due to the fact this procedure is relatively new as an elective weight loss remedy.

The most common known side-effects of bariatric surgery is a lifelong dependence on supplements in order to provide basic nutritional requirements which cannot be ingested in the course of normal food consumption. Bariatric surgery should be reserved for the seriously obese with life threatening health problems. Taking weight loss out of your conscious decision making is a dangerous game to play with your body. It seems to me that if a person without life threatening health problems is this desperate to lose weight that they should be able to find the motivation to commit long-term to the sensible and inexpensive course of eating healthy and learning to add exercising to their daily life. Consult your doctor, not just a bariatric surgeon. And be honest with yourself: have you really expended all your options?



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