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Robin Quivers Master Cleanse



The diet that Robin Quivers from The Howard Stern Show used to lose 70 pounds is called "The Master Cleanse" or "Lemonade Diet." She first learned of the diet from magician David Blaine, who appeared on Stern's show. The regimen requires dieters to drink nothing but a mix of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper during the diet period while consuming little or no solid food. During each of three diet periods, she went without solid food for 21 days in a row.

Commentary: This is nothing more than a starvation diet. Any diet that dramatically cuts your caloric intake will lead to weight loss. The problem with this strategy is that 99% of dieters eventually go off the diet and return to their old, bad habits. Aggressive weight loss programs generally do not work unless exercise is the main component and the dieter commits long-term to healthy eating and continued rigorous exercise. The "Robin Quivers" diet will work in the short-term, but what's really the point of losing weight if it's not permanent?


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