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Food Combination Diets Review


Food combination diet plans are decreased carbohydrate diets. They claim that eating certain foods consumed together will help you lose weight. Examples include the Beverly Hills Diet, Schwarzbein plan and "Fit for Life", which focus on eating proteins and non-starchy carbohydrates. This combination is supposed to prevent food from being stored as fat in your body. According to this theory, the protein helps keep the carbohydrates from increasing your insulin level.

Food combination diets are healthier than low carbohydrate weight loss plans and diets because they allow a variety of foods, such as vegetables, whole-grain rice, and toast. But like most low carb regimens, they are high in fat and may increase the risk for heart disease and other illnesses linked to high fat intake. The bottom line: there is no scientific evidence that one particular combination of foods can bring about greater weight loss than any other combination.


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