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eDiets Review


eDiets was the pioneer of online subscription-based weight loss companies, offering a variety of inexpensive diet plans. A subscription or membership to eDiets includes daily menu plans, a 3-D virtual personal trainer for a wide range of exercises, over 100 online support groups and message boards, and personalized support from trained counselors and nutritionists. Also included is 24/7 access to eDiets website and its wealth of information regarding nutrition and recipes, exercise options, personal motivation and general lifestyle change.

eDiets originated as a low-fat weight loss program based on the the recommendations of the American Dietetic Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Guide Pyramid, but it has expanded to include alternative nutrition plans that included:

  • eDiets Weight Loss Diet
  • Glycemic Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Bill Phillips' Eating for Life
  • Seasonal Diet
  • Heart Smart Plan
  • Wheat-Free Meal Plan
  • Low-Fat Plan
  • Living with Diabetes Plan
  • Cholesterol Lowering Plan
  • High-Fiber Plan
  • Hypoglycemic/Low-Sugar Plan
  • Healthy Soy Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan
  • Lactose-Free Plan
  • Low-Sodium Plan

eDiets also added its own meal delivery service which has gone through a series of name changes, including:

  • "eDiets Express"
  • "Deliciously Yours"
  • "eDiets Meal Delivery"
  • "Fresh Prepared" (current)

An eDiets membership costs $18.95 for 4 weeks, which at one point in the not too distanct past made them the least expensive comprehensive weight loss program, but those days are long gone with the rapid evolution of free online programs and smarthphone Apps (iPhone/Android). All of these new options do more-or-less the same as eDiets -digital tracking of calories, nutrition plans, fitness plans, online communities, downloadable exercise plans and activities- etc... In the end, the classic eDiets online program is simply a marketing doorway to their much more expensive meal delivery service. I don't understand why they don't just give the online program away in the first place to draw potential customers in.


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