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I Love This Diet


This is a new diet plan on the market that provides the budget-conscious dieter with a safe, effective, convenient and most importantly – inexpensive – way to lose weight. Developed by registered dietitians, the calorie/portion control plan is built around low cost frozen food from the grocery store – Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice and Smart Ones – as well as Progresso soups and additional fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy. The basic structure of I Love This Diet is breakfast every morning, a frozen meal for lunch and dinner, along with supplemental servings of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy per day. The idea was born out of a need to duplicate, but make it much cheaper (as in - half the cost), the very effective, but expensive, meal programs of Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc.

For a one-time, flat fee of $47.97 (with money-back guarantee), dieters receive immediate access to the I Love This Diet guides –10 of them which include Instructions, a Breakfast Guide, Frozen Meal Review Guide, Recipes Under 300 Calories, Soup Guide, Treats Guide, Restaurant Guide,etc. – in illustrated, easy to read PDF files. (The guides are also readable on iPhones, etc.)

To begin, dieters are assigned one of four maximum calorie levels - between 1300 and 1600 calories per day - based on their current weight.

• Level A: 1200-1300 calories daily (135 pounds and under)
• Level B: 1300-1400 calories daily (135-160 pounds)
• Level C: 1400-1500 calories daily (160-225 pounds)
• Level D: 1500-1600 calories daily (over 225 pounds)

The plan offers over 250 frozen meal options (3 times as many as Nutrisystem, etc.), the option of soup/salad or something from the Recipe Guide instead, and a host of 100 calorie treats and snacks from the Treats Guide. You’ll take one multi-vitamin, and one fish oil supplement daily. As you lose weight, your calorie level/meal options will adjust accordingly.

Some of the positives of this plan beyond just the cost savings over other meal-based plans: big selection of foods, no automatic deliveries, no jamming your freezer with multiple weeks’ supply of food, no meetings, no long term commitments, no shipping charges, and the total convenience of your local grocery store – which you’re probably going to regularly anyway. Additionally, I Love This Diet provides its users with weekly coupons and savings information for all of the frozen meals it uses, as well as the soups and snacks, to further assist in keeping food costs down.

Will you lose weight on I Love This Diet? Absolutely. Nutritionally balanced, calorie and portion controlled meals are the keys to the kingdom. Though the creators of this program have not included an exercise component, obviously throwing in some regular exercise while on this meal plan will only help you shed the pounds faster. This is as good a program as we’ve seen for a practical, totally effective, reasonably priced weight loss plan. It would be hard for us to come up with a better commercial weight loss program.

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