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Maggie Drozd Method (Spice Capsules)- Diet Review


According to her website Maggie Drozd is a European film and television star whose weight ballooned to nearly 200 pounds. As the story goes, while on a ski trip (which was frustrating and unenjoyable due to her weight) she met a nutritionist in a local spa. This nutritionist introduced her to a “revolutionary” way to lose weight without having to diet. This became the "Maggie Drozd Weight Loss Method."

The website is a rather pedestrian affair, offering little information about just what is so revolutionary. There is an interview with the star Drozd in which she vaguely answers questions about her weight loss struggles and the wonders of her "method", along with photos of her pre and post weight loss. Given that she is a total unknown in the U.S., it's impossible to know if the photos and her story are real. In any event - what is the "method"? It is.....Spice Pills.

The pills are a concotion of standard diet pill ingredients like yerba mate, green tea extract, kola nut extract, guarana extract, cayenne pepper, paprika, white willow bark extract and some other herbs. Apparently they also contain Advantra-Z, the patented form of citrus aurantium (synephrine) which is a compound with the same effects as ephedra.
So there is no "method", there is only a typical stimulant diet pill. There is no health warning on the website, but be sure that typical stimulant diet pill side effects apply. Supplies will run you $35, $57 or $69. Don't go there.


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