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Ultra et Slim Pastilles Review


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I found your site by accident. I was in the middle of trying to find the diet item itself site so I could cancel my check with them from being cashed.

I guess what pt barnum said still holds true "A sucker is born every minute." Unfortunately I am one of these suckers. I ordered these Ultra Et Slim Pastilles through an add I got in the mail. I then found the same thing online and whalla I ordered. I researched the ingredients to be sure they seemed safe and found that yes they had a weight loss property reported even by medical men. I received them January 20th in the afternoon. I had ordered them ahead and post dated my check for February 16th thinking they would arrive in time for my whole 30 day free trial period. NOT!! I am trying to cancel these today before they cash my check for $120.00 which included enough to help lose over 60 pounds and I paid extra for a rush delivery. With the dates from when I got them till now I still won't get my 30 days.

I haven't lost a pound. The Ultra Et Slim Pastilles do make your coffee sweet and they have no bad taste. But they claimed you would lose weight within a 3 week period and they even offer you $250.00 for your great success story if you send them your weight loss results and they pick your testimony. I advise you to save yourself the money and go the rational way of losing weight loss eat less, eat less, eat less.

I don't know of any other way. Warn the public this is nothing more than a sweetener that for all I know could be a placebo for all the weight loss I have had on it. Not 1 pound.

I also tried the patch and at least on it I lost 5 pounds the first 3 days. It too promises what it cannot deliver. And the patch keeps falling off.

L. Roberts
St Louis, Mo


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