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Pentabosol Review


Reviewer's Disclosure: the marketing of this product irritates me.

Pentabosol - the so-called "Original Diet Aid" - is a lemon flavored powder supplement made up of several herbal ingredients including L-Carnitine and Chromium Picolinate. Its creators are Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades - real M.D.s who've been around this industry a long time, and are the authors of the 1990s bestseller "Protein Power."

Now, Protein Power (an Atkinsesque program from the days when high protein/low carb was the rage) details dietary recommendations and restrictions for weight loss, and cites the science the authors believe back them up. Furthermore, exercise is also recommended as necessary for weight loss, with the authors specifically citing strength and resistance training as beneficial for building the kind of lean muscle mass which burns fat. It is suggested that a Protein Power success story will not be complete without the addition of the Eades' proprietary dietary supplements, but any and all reasonable people could see that they could make a go at dropping some weight on the Protein Power diet and exercise plan alone.

So what irritates this reviewer about the marketing of Pentabosol is that there is no cross-referencing. The Eades' are featured on the Pentabosol website, but are described only as "best-selling authors and recognized weight-loss experts." Now, Protein Power was a NY Times bestseller publicly praised at the time by no less than "The Zone" author Dr. Barry Sears. This is something you would neglect to mention in your bio? Perhaps so, when you are hawking $90 per month supplies of Pentabosol powder as the only product you've found "that really does work over diet and exercise alone." And never mind that the Pentabosol is recommended - for best results - to be taken in conjunction with their proprietary "Metabolic Optimizer" and "Herbal Enhancer", to be purchased separately.

If you actually make it to the purchase page you will find that the Eades' do, in fact, instruct in the small print that Pentabosol be taken in conjunction with a low carb diet and moderate exercise to achieve the best results. Right.

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