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Physician's Weight Loss Centers Review


Located primarily on the east coast of the U.S., Physicians Weight Loss Centers (PWLC) are medically licensed weight loss treatment centers that have been around for over 30 years. The company's longevity is due to the fact that their programs are fundamentally good, in that they're dedicated to the tenets of learning balanced nutrition and how to incorporate it into your life for good.

Enrolling in a center-based Physicians Weight Loss Center program begins with an evaluation. Your current weight, body fat and body measurements are taken, and you fill out a medical questionnaire, a comprehensive weight loss history, and a goal sheet. In-house medical staff takes blood work and administers an EKG, which is followed by a a physical exam by the in-house M.D. Assessment of all of that information will determine which of the 6 proprietary PWLC programs is right for you. The six programs are:

The Low Carb VLCD 800 program. This is the original, aggressive PWLC diet. An accelerated plan, it's designed to provide three pounds or more of weight loss a week. It's an approximately 700 calories a day diet - low fat, low cholesterol, high in protein - which breaks out nutritionally at 20% carbohydrate, 50% protein, 30% fat.

The Thermogenic LCD 1000. Also called Controlled Carb LCD 1000, this is a restricted carbs program, and as you'd expect it's high protein, low fat and lower carbohydrate, breaking out nutritionally at 45% protein, 30% carbohydrate, 25% fat) on three meals per day.

The Physician's Fast Meal Replacement Program. Designed for people who don't have time to prepare balanced meals or for those seeking maximum portion/calorie control and aggressive results. It's a low carb, high protein meal replacement program This where you eat four meal replacements a day and then a real dinner meal. Replacements include specially formulated puddings, shakes, soups and bar supplements.

There are three Low Fat/High Energy programs to choose from.Low Fat/High Energy 900, Low Fat/High Energy 1000 and Low Fat/High Energy 1500 allow - respectively - 900 calories, 1000 calories or 1500 calories a day with a nutritional breakdown of 45% carbohydrate, 35% protein, 20% fat. These three programs follow the dietary guidelines recommended by the American Heart Association, the US Department of Agriculture, and the American Cancer Society.

Once a diet plan has been chosen for you, a menu plan is customized by a licensed dietitian to suit your nutritional needs specifically. You will be monitored and supported by staff counselors, and submit to weekly weigh-ins, body measurements, body composition analyses and behavioral guidance classes. If you are geographically or financially (in-center treatment is pricey) unable to enroll in a Physicians Weight Loss program, they do now offer an online version of their program - offering the same 6 specially designed diets from which to choose. The online program is typical in terms of bells and whistles to other online programs on the market. PWLC also markets a host of branded products from vitamin and mineral supplements to pre-packaged foods.

As we noted earlier, Physicians Weight Loss Program is a fundamentally good program. Our only quibble is it's blase attitude about exercise as a critical component to weight loss and maintenance. It's equally important as balanced, sensible eating in the struggle for healthy weight.

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