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Relacore Review


Another over the counter herbal supplement promising weight loss by targeting "stress hormones." (See: Relora, Cortislim) Relacore claims that weight gain is the result of stress. Relacore contains a proprietary formula that includes magnolia bark, passion flower, and panax ginseng. Other ingredients include vitamin C, calcium, biotin, vitamin B6, B12, magnesium and riboflavin. Research suggests that magnolia bark and passion flower may have a calming effect on people and can be used as an anti-anxiety agent.

The hormone cortisol is produced by stress and high levels of it have been shown to promote blood sugar imbalances and increase body fat. Lowering anxiety and stress, lowers cortisol production.

Customers receive free access to, which includes customized, meal plans. Their "Preferred Customer Plan" is an auto-ship program where the first bottle (90 count) is $50 and additional orders are $40. The program ships a new bottle every 28 days. The manufacturer also recommends using Relacore along with a healthy eating and exercise program.

The manufacturer of Relacore has not published studies on how it reduces cortisol, lowers belly fat, or promotes weight loss. A lot of promises and hope tied up in the marketing of a diet pill and supplement. I think we all pretty much know what that means. As far as the recommendation of eating healthy and exercising... if you're willing to do that, forget about diet pills and supplements.

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