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Skinny Pill Review


The Fountain of Youth Group, LLC manufactured and marketed the products Skinny Pill AM, Skinny Sleep PM, Skinny Carbs, and Skinny Pill for Kids on the internet. As I'm sure you can glean from their names, these products promise miraculous weight loss from fat burning in the morning, and at night while you sleep, and from carb-blocking in your digestive system and - this is the most disturbing - a pill specifically "designed" to target obesity in children ages 6-12.

These are more of the same - run of the mill fat burners with big promises and the same cornucopia of herbal ingredients. And they probably wouldn't have flown too high on the radar if not for the colossal misstep on the part of the manufacturer - who ain't Pfizer - to market this garbage for children. Children!

The net of it is that they caught the eye of the Federal Trade Commission, who slapped them with a $6 million judgment for making false and unsubstantiated health and weight loss claims because, no surprise, they had no competent and reliable scientific evidence to support their claims that any of this stuff is effective for weight loss, let alone safe for use in children. The FTC judgment further bars the company and its principle, Edita Kaye, from ever again having anything to do with the manufacture, marketing and sale of any product or service promoting weight loss that is not backed up by scientific evidence. Steer clear of the Skinny Pill!


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