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The Diet & Weight Loss Industry:

Failure Rates & Reality


The most truthful thing that can be said about weight loss is that it is very hard. A $30+ billion dollar industry focuses on the attempt to convince the 40% of Americans who are overweight that it doesn't have to be that hard. The problem is, with everyone in the weight loss industry "sugar coating" the truth, the general population is bombarded with false hope. It is our contention that a great many more Americans would find a solution to their weight loss woes if reality is all they had to chose from. If the majority of the diet companies were honest about what works long-term failure rates would be lower and there would be many more people who would accept the realities of healthy weight loss. Many more would follow the course that actually works.

But with most of the diet companies in the world telling the consumer exactly what they want to hear, there is little hope. Research has shown 95% of those who lose weight eventually gain it back within three years. Beyond 3 years that failure rate is even worse. In reality, almost no one loses significant weight and keeps it off. The FDA has declared that not one single company in the entire weight loss industry can show a record of long-term success. This is an incredible indictment of an entire industry. Can you imagine the trouble for the automobile industry if a vast majority of vehicles quit running within three years of purchase? But the world is completely oblivious to the astounding failure rate of the diet industry.

There are weight loss companies out there that focus on the things that work in the long term: balanced nutrition with portion control, increased exercise and especially a long term motivation to keep the weight off. But their message is drowned out by all the fad, gimmick and diet pill companies.

We created this website to give people the information they lack, in hopes they will discover weight loss truth. It is our mission.

We have compiled over 600 reviews of the most well known diet and weight loss programs, articles about sensible dieting and our highest review.


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